Tuesday, January 10, 2006

An iPod video after all ?

Looks like I might have to buy the drool-worthy iPod video after all. The main reason I was holding off is no longer officially a reason - video availability. Google just launched a video store as promised at CES 2006 [warning: flash intensive] and the cool things about it are that you can buy really cool shows such as CSI, I Love Lucy and an old time favorite, MacGyver, at about the same price point as the iTunes videos AND they now offer all of these videos pre-formatted for the iPod as well. Awesome !! I have to say I am much more impressed with Google's clean and simplified web-based interface. So I can now buy a video iPod and keep it stocked with lots of nice videos - both from iTunes and Google Video (which also has a collection of free videos like the ones catalogued here).

So that means I have to get rid of my 2.5 year old third generation 20GB iPod. Mike was interested in buying it off me but I told him I want to ask my sister first if she would like to take it off my hands. although I don't know why because she just got a brand spankin' new iPod Photo as a gift this past year ! Still, La Famiglia should always come first, no ?

Let's see what Steve has in store for all the mac geeks (including me, of course) tomorrow when he delivers the keynote at the Macworld Conference in San Francisco. Here's hoping that they have come up with a way to make an awesome product even ... er ... awesomer ?

[Update: Looks like Google's video store is being updated with more and more episodes as I type this post. Go Google !!]


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Ipods cost a fortune here :((

Most google videos are unaccessible and those that are literally make you crawl given the speed of the connection :((

Anyway, I will be interested if I reach there :)

jewelnam said...

Go for it. I will get one more when i reach there :))

parul said...

hey jinx again..! even i hav a video ipod by apple..dont use it much thou.
But m sure u can help me with that..! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog .I've made up my mind: I'm gonna buy an MP3 player. I just don't know which one. I like the Ipod batteries, but do I really need something that small?