Monday, March 07, 2005

Someone actually reads what I write ?

Just read a comment on the previous post that I have been picked as the TenDot Bleek Site of the Moment. I don't know what to say !! This is awesome !! For all you people that are too lazy to click and scroll, here is what TenDot had to say about my blog: Sweet. A CompSci PhD student with an eye for content. Clean lines, lots of links. I give it an A+. w00t!

You know the word "w00t" and anything related to me have never been together in the same sentence ... until now. w00t !! And now I proudly display the TenDot badge:

I say again ... w00t !


Samantha said...

Teendot is where I found your link.... and I must say I agree with them!

Samantha said...


Samantha said...

I actually wrote a column about how great bears had it back during my high school news paper days.

Beej said...

Bears DO have it great. They can shit in the woods.