Thursday, March 24, 2005

Weapon Of Choice

Ok, tell me that you have seen the Fatboy Slim video Weapon of Choice. If you have not, please add it to your "I must see this" list (you do have one, don't you ?). Actually. you know what ... you can cross it off that list now, because you can see it right now, right here.

When I first saw this video, I could not believe that Christopher Walken was the guy in the video. When I picture Chris Walken, I picture scenes from Deer Hunter, Dead Zone and Last Man Standing (to name a fraction of the great stuff he has done). The dance is pretty great, I gotta say !

My image of Chris Walken took a further hit (in a good way) when I saw an old SNL episode with him hosting ! He was hilarious !! I mean it ... fabulously hilarious !

Go watch the video.

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The humble harneet said...

Hi buddy!
Congratulations on ur dream-come-true-achivement!
n hey ur website is interesting too.
However one suggestion:- Besides ur proffessional abt putting a matrimonial bio-d also on the website...afterall now u r 26 YEARS OLD (not 27 though!)