Wednesday, May 18, 2005

No Telly [Update]

Ok, so I guess I was a little quick to judge NetFlix's customer service yesterday. I talked to Matt, a longtime NetFlix subscriber, today and he said that there has really never been any reason for him to actually call the customer service. Everything is fully automated and available online. And I also got an answer to my question about real customer service agent getting replaced with an FAQ list. It happened because of the business model that Amazon and NetFlix have brought to the table. They are able to offer such reduced prices and other incentives precisely because they of their streamlined business model - real agents need real salaries.

Also most of the people on that particular thread I mentioned yesterday with the complaints were not really the sharpest tacks in the bunch, which I agree with.

So, with Matt's vehement recommendation and my sister's gentle reminder that a little TV might actually be good for me, I am reconsidering NetFlix.

Of course, a summer with nothing but books also sounds great.

What's a guy to do?


jewelnam said...

Nice that u have thought again about tv. I cannot think any day without watching tv even if i watch for half an hr. If i don't get to see tv for one day then i feel the day is not complete. :)) All the best for your stay in NY.

Samantha said...

Oh man... a summer with just books! That is a freaking awesome idea!!!! Thats what I am going to do...... oh wait, does this mean I cant watch the summer blockbusters? Okay just books and movies... no tv forme this summer!

Anonymous said...

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