Tuesday, May 17, 2005

No Telly

I was thinking about getting NetFlix while I am in NY for the summer. I found this interesting blog where people post comments and discuss NetFlix's service. I gotta say, when I read this particular thread, I was bothered and started having second thoughts about signing up.

Actually the real reason I found this blog was because I had to Google for the NetFlix Customer Service 800 number!! "Why Google for it?", you say? "Just go to their website and click on the Contact Us link!" Well, I tried that. They don't have an 800 number on their website. The reason for this eludes me. When did this happen? When did talking to a Customer Service agent get replaced with reading an FAQ list?

Anyway, so let's see what the alternatives are. Blockbuster? I don't think so. Walmart? I am just not sure if they are good enough in this DVD rental business right now. Plus, neither of them has a customer service number on its website.

So, then I thought that since I am going to get broadband out there anyway, why not just get one of those digital cable + internet deals? It would be easier and cheaper.

And then it hit me. I keep complaining that I don't have enough time to read. This is a perfect opportunity to escape the dramatically mediocre programming on television and get some serious reading done.

And so it is decided. There shall be no television for 3.5 months. I know I am going to experience some serious withdrawal but I think my hard-bound friends can help me get over it without any problem.


Matthew Snover said...

I think your idea of giving up TV is a great one. I do feel the need to dispute what was written on the hacking Netflix site. I haven't had any problems with Netflix. They are still fast and their prices have only gone down. We've been with them a while now (well over a year) and are happy with the service. The people on the site, ignoring their problems spelling and their naivety, seem to have issues because they problems quitting (I've never tried it), and because they used bank cards instead of credit cards when they didn't have the money. Problems come up occasionally for some people, but I think that site has a very biased sample.

You should go with the no-telly plan though. I think its a great idea!

jewelnam said...

hey... are u really going to give up television. i know reading is good but then u can relax watching tv for sometime. you should not be glued to tv that is for sure.