Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Slashdot + Microsoft Windows = Hilarity

All right, so I don't need a lot of convincing to grant you that the Slashdot crowd is not a big fan of Microsoft, especially that infernal piece of software they call an Operating System*. The latest story there is "Getting a handle on Vista" - discussing the features of the Microsoft Vista, Microsoft's new OS that they plan to release in late 2006. One of these "features" is, and I quote a Microsoft executive here, "reducing the number of times computers will have to be rebooted".

I could stop here because the humor inherent in that statement itself is sufficient to prove the equation in the title correct. I won't.

A poster on Slashdot commented that Microsoft made similar claims about Windows 2000 when it advertised it as "only having 7 events that would necessitate a reboot". The person (blessed with an amazing sense of humor) who replied to that post said:

it does only have seven events that necessitate a reboot:
  1. Installing anything
  2. Uninstalling anything
  3. Being connected to a network
  4. Not being connected to a network
  5. Running an application
  6. Not running an application
  7. Starting up
I have not laughed this hard since ... since ... um ... for a long time !

* Didn't I mention it? I'm one of the Slashdot crowd !

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