Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Random Musings

Now that I have found some breathing room between the relentless conference deadlines, I thought I would ... err ... muse randomly ?
  • While browsing the winners for the 2006 IndiBlog Awards, I came across Blogchaat, the winner for best community blog which allows talented and struggling writers to send in their wares while still retaining the ownership over them. I don't claim to be talented but I am certainly struggling so I thought that I would send in my depressing riddle-ish creation that I have previously shared with the reader(s?) of this blog. That didn't make the cut so I thought I would send in something new that pretty much highlights the fact that I cannot write well enough to be published in a place like Blogchaat. Ironically enough, that was accepted to be published. I will post the link when it gets published. I think Blogchaat is doing an excellent job of promoting writers that deserve attention but don't get it. I plan to contribute a lot more in the future.

  • Spring is here. It's actually a toasty 75 degrees out today and I am a happy camper. I am sure I mentioned this before ... The winter season and I don't quite see eye to eye. Ah, who am I kidding ? We despise each other !

  • I am almost finished with the first season of House. To put in a way you kids would understand, Hugh Laurie FTW ! BTW, if you want hilarious, stiff upper-lip, non-medical funny, Bertie is your man !

  • Currently reading "The Best American Science Writing 2006. Brilliant and highly recommended !


Vi said...

- Glad to have you on Blogchaat. Lovely poem. :)

- April showers bring May flowers! 'Tis rather gloomy here.

- House rules. Period.

Good luck. :)

Princess Stefania said...

Blogchaat has just one entry under DesiLinguist so far. When is your next contribution coming in?
Looking forward to it.

DesiLinguist said...

Hi Princess

Thanks for asking. I have sent in a short story but haven't heard back from the blogchaat folks.