Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Bits Of My Life

Attended a very cool talk today by Jim Gemmell, as part of the Seminar series organized by the Human Computer Interaction group at the department. A very ambitious project - MyLifeBits, that lets you "capture" everything (almost) in your life and organize it for you to use later. The guy behind ( and the guinea pig) it is the legendary Gordon Bell and Jim said that they are digitizing almost every aspect of Gordon's life and capturing it for their software - phone calls are recorded, books/papers/old photos are scanned. The backend is a complex SQL database.

The demo was pretty cool. Actually what got me drooling is this (read more here). It is a "passive" capture device and has some pretty cool features.

Over all, I am not sure how useful this would be (as Doug said, the searches in the software - the most powerful part - depend on the metadata being there in the database. What if I have no metadata about an item?) but it certainly is cool.

I guess I should get back to work now :-)

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