Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sidney Lumet Binge

I need to go on a Sidney Lumet binge. I just saw him get the honorary Oscar. I had seen so many of his movies but did not know that he had directed them: Network, Dog Day Afternoon. Power, 12 Angry Men, Q & A, Guilty As Sin, Murder On The Orient Express, Child's Play. Here are the ones I had always wanted to see but did not know they were Lumet's: Serpico, The Verdict, All the King's Men. And now here are the ones that I just found out about: The Group, The Hill, Bye Bye Braverman, The Anderson Tapes, The Wiz.

It is unbelievable to me that he has never won an academy award before. I have to agree with NY Times that this is a gross oversight. Well, it's not like they have not done this with other people. They did that to Al Pacino. He got nominated 7 times before he finally won for his brilliant and earth-shattering performance in Scent Of A Woman. But what about Bob Hope? What about Scorcese? I hope that oversight is corrected today when he wins for The Aviator. I know I wanted Eastwood to win, but I could not believe that Scorcese has not won before. How could he be passed over for Raging Bull? Taxi Driver? I think Eastwood can easily forego this one. So, I would officially like to change my vote to Martin Scorcese for Best Director. (I know it does not matter, but I was right about The Incredibles!! )

Back to Chris Rock. I got to say I am not really enjoying him as the host. i miss Whoopi, Billy and Robin.

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