Saturday, February 19, 2005

Did you ever own one of the top 100 gadgets?

Mobile PC Magazine has come out with a list of the 100 best gadgets of all time. It is a pretty well-thought out list, paying tribute not just to trend-setting successes like the Sony Mavica digital camera, but also gadgets that might have failed in their specific incarnations but created a niche, like the Casio Cassopeia E-10. Of course the life-altering culture-forming ones are there in good numbers (in chronological order):

1. Abacus (190 AD)
2. Telephone (1876)
3. Master Lock Padlock (1924)
4. Schick Electric Razor (1931)
5. Zippo Windproof Lighter (1932)
6. Accusplit Memory Stopwatch (1972)
7. Rubik's Cube (1974)
8. Motorola Bravo Numeric Pager (1986)
9. The Car Alarm Key Fob (somewhere in the 1990s)

Here are some that I actually owned (or currently own):

1. HP-35 Scientific Calculator (1972)
2. Sony Walkmans (1979)
3. Nintendo Game Boy (1989) [a.k.a "The Big Fridge"]
4. Apple iPod (2001)

What about the number 1 gadget? I am proud to say that the number 1 gadget of all time is an Apple Powerbook. No, not the one I currently have but a model made almost 15 years ago !! Amazing or what ?!!

What about you? Did you ever own any of these?

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