Thursday, February 17, 2005

Oscar Fever

The Academy Awards are next Sunday and I am actually excited because this time Chris Rock is hosting. I was actually pretty surprised when I first heard this news. I didn't think Rock was the kind of host the Academy will be comfortable with. His humor is rowdy and incisive but not in a Robin Williams kind of way. I love Rock's stand up. His 2004 show on HBO was, as Montgomery Burns would say, "Excellent" ! But I am apprehensive about this. Not for Rock. Oh, i am sure he can handle anything they throw at him. I am just worried about all the people he will "make fun of" (euphemism alert!). In a way, he has already started.

Anyway, the point of this post was to talk about old man Oscar. First of all, I am very excited that work from India has been nominated. "Little Terrorist", directed by Ashvin Kumar. is a story about "crossing boundaries". A Pakistani boy crosses the border after his ball and ends up in a minefield. He is given shelter by an orthodox Hindu Brahmin and the story is about their relationship. And don't forget, this is a short (15 minutes). I would be interested to see how he is able to develop and portray the relationship in that short a time period. Definitely must-see.

Now, as far as the main awards go, Here's who I hope will win. The ones I think I will probably lose on are marked with an asterisk(*):
  1. Best Actor*: Clint Eastwood for Million Dollar Baby. I was kind of surprised to see that Paul Giamatti's brilliant performance in Sideways went unnoticed.
  2. Best Actress*: Hillary Swank for Million Dollar Baby. I have heard that Annette Benning might actually win this for Being Julia but since I did not see that one, I can't say.
  3. Best Supporting Actor: Thomas Haden Church for Sideways. One of the most brilliant portrayals of a loser in a long long time.
  4. Best Supporting Actress*: Virginia Madsen for Sideways.
  5. Best Animated Feature Film: The Incredibles. Oh please please please!! I guess since Shark Tale was one of the 3 animated feature films. they had to nominate it as well. What a stinker that one was! Yes, I could have just not seen it but I was on a plane ... what is your excuse? Shrek 2 is definitely a contender.
  6. Best Movie: Well, this is a tough one. I can't make up my mind actually. Million Dollar Baby was awesome. Sideways was original and laugh-out-loud funny. Aviator was a Scorcese. Ray is a memoriam to a legend and the finest acting from Jamie Foxx. Hotel Rwanda is supposed to be excellent too. So, I have pretty much no idea what is going to happen. (Well, a small part of me roots for Sideways. Flawless, funny comedies come few and far between.)
Anyway, all will be resolved on 27th February. Enjoy !

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