Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nostalgia [Ignorable Rant]

Just “talked” to an old friend. Nostalgia has struck him and he wants to renew his relationships with everyone from our class in college. For this noble purpose, he has initiated a chain mail with an attached Excel spreadsheet (What were you thinking, Guriqbal?). You get the email, you download the spreadsheet, you fill in all the details about what you have been doing for the last 5 years of your life and of course, you are encouraged to fill in the details of everyone you know of and what they have been doing, attach the spreadsheet and send it out again.

This is all fine and dandy. Catching up with friends. I did a bit of that when I went to India this this past December. I have no problems with the idea but you know there are always some people that really you don't want to hear from and of course, they always write back. Anyway, long story short ... I am not really fond of the idea but I can live through it.

Here's the interesting part: now he wants me to write a “sentimental and heart-warming” note to everyone saying how they should participate in this chain mail, because I was the “creative” one in the class. if you are laughing right now and saying to yourself, “Yeah, right ! Like Nitin's going to do that !”, you are dead on. Having to hear from people you don't want to hear from is one thing, but initiating contact ?! Never in a million years !! Sorry, Guriqbal.

Anyway, I think that is enough ranting for today. (Or is it?)

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